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Mokko Join Club

An exclusive service of Mokko designed for clubs, shops, crowdfunding campaigns, channels, events and tournaments

If you are a club or association, shop or company of the guild, make a crowdfunding campaign, you are a channel or make a event or tournament don´t wait to join us

In order to enjoy the benefits that we offer you as a member of Mokko Join Club, you must meet one of the following requirements:

Clubs and associations
• Be registered as a club / association.

Projects / Crowdfunding
• Website, link, dossier... of the project and prove that you are responsible or part of it.

Events / Tournaments
• Poster, brochure, announcement... of the event / tournament and be an accredited organizer of it.

Shops / Companies
• Registration in economic activities of the guild in your country.

Club or association / Channel / Event / Project data:
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