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Quick budgets

Quick budgets

Calculating the price of your dice, now is very easy

With our process to calculate the price of your dice you will obtain a budget in a simple and fast way. The calculator will ask you for specific data about your dice such as model, color, quantity, shipping address, production time...

Based on this information, we will send you the best price for your dice with your specifications to the email provided.

What model of dice do you want?

How many sides will have your own design?

Do any sides go blank, with nothing?
How many of them?

Counting all the sides, how many different colors in total are there in the details?
* Each side only supports 1 color. For example, if all the side are green you must indicate 1 color.

Enter the number of dice you need

Do you want to add more models?

What type of user are you?

If you are a shop, companies out of Spain.
Are you registered in the EORI?
Economic Operator Registration and Identification

Do you belong or will you belong to Mokko Join Club?

Fill in the following information
* Non-real or incorrect data may mean that you do not receive your budget.

What production time do you need?


For Mokko your data is the most important thing. Therefore, if you continue with the process of calculating your budget, you accept our Privacy Policy and confirm that you have read our General conditions of sale.


Our calculator or simulator will be of great help, as it will show you the amount of your dice with the chosen specifications.

It works easily and intuitively. Answer the questions that will appear on the different phases and, at the end, you will see on the screen the amount that you would save if you place the order with us. We will send the final amount to the email provided.

It's that simple, so you can say that calculating the price of my dice didn't take you more than 2/3 minutes.

In less than 3 minutes you will have the price of your dice. Our online data questionnaire asks you only for what is strictly necessary, so calculating it is very quick and easy for you. If you have already carried out the process before, you can recover the budget of your dice through email.

The questionnaire will only ask you for the data that is strictly necessary, because we care about your privacy:

Model, size, corner, effect, color, faces to customize, detail colors, quantity, production time.

In this section of the online calculation process we will ask you for information such as your full name, shipping address, country and your email.

We calculate the amount of your dice with the declared data, for this reason it is very important that they are real. Otherwise, it may be that you do not receive your budget correctly.

The quote is an estimate of the final price without having to use your files and designs.

To place the order you must do it directly from the web using our patented customizer Mokko Custom Builder®.

You must have the individual design and file for each face you want to customize.