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Mokko Join Club

Mokko Join Club

An exclusive service of Mokko designed for clubs, shops, crowdfunding campaigns, channels, events and tournaments

If you are a club or association, shop or company of the guild, make a crowdfunding campaign, you are a channel or make a event or tournament don´t wait to join us

Customizable dice

Wide range of colors in dice and finishes compatible with your games

You haven´t to buy large quantities. We are specialists in small and medium quantity. Just what you need.

Personalized attention 24/7

We are here to help you. We adapt to your needs and delivery times.

Customer service by E-mail, Whatsapp and telephone.

Reduced production times

Always in time and time. We know that time is money and every minute is crucial for our customers.

Extra discount

You will also enjoy up to an additional 25% discount on all the dice when placing your order.

Competitive prices

Discounts and special offers for quantities.

Choose from a variety of products with attractive prices.

Buy from 1 ud.

You don't need to cutomize large quantities. Specialists in small and medium quantity. Just what you need.

Fast shipping

Receive your orders for Spain with fast delivery in 24 / 48h * with an exceptional packaging

Surprise your partners and friends with a custom, unique and exclusive packaging!

We take care of all the details. Packaging with a small and distinctive touch of elegance, totally personalized with the image, logo ... of your club or association.

We produce our packaging to your needs, designed for events, fairs, collaborations ... customized designs for your club or association. Our Design Team will guide you to make your own Mokko packaging.

Free retouch and redesign service

Our creativity at your service to achieve the best result in your designs.

Personalized, innovative, professional and eye-catching design completely personalized based on your initial sketch and indications in which you can make revisions and changes to the design.