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Full color dice

Now your dice with in full color printing.

Customizable D6 dice with Full color printing.

Your logo, icon, photo... drawing in full color on your dice.

Full color custom at your choice

You can customize your dice as you like. Different logos, icons, colors ...

Wide range of models and colors in dice and finishes.

Buy yours from 25pcs.

No need to customize large quantities of the same model or color.

Specialists in small and medium quantity. Just what you need and looking for.

High durability

Your dice are printed directly on them with special full-color inks capable of withstanding thousands of throws.

How can I order my dice in full color?

1. Fill in the form

Enter all the requested information as specifically as possible in the form below.

2. Our offer

We will send you an email to your email with your best price for acceptance.

3. Confirmation and payment

Once the budget is accepted and paid, we will make a print sample and a template with the final design of your dice for you to verify.

4. Production

When you confirm that the sample will start the production process.

5. Shipping and elivery

Simple, fast and easy. That's it. Now you just have to enjoy your dice.

Fill in the following form to request your dice in full color

Dice model
Dice color
Dice size
Printed logo/icon sides
Production time
Contact information


You can buy your dice in full color from 25 units.

You will need to have the individual files of each die face that you need to customize in PNG, PDF or JPG compressed in ZIP/RAR.

If you want only the drawing then your file must be PNG with a transparent background.

The file must have a minimum size of 100x100px and a weight of at least 24Kb.

Once you fill in all the information on the form, we will send you the best price for your dice to the email provided.

The dice are printed with special inks with a high durability to wear.

At the moment you can only get your dice in full color for the 14, 16, 18 and/or 20mm 6-sided D6 models