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Faq´s - Production deadlines

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Production times

How long does it take to get your dice? What is my production lead time? We solve the most frequent doubts.

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Selecting your production time on the Checkout page during the payment process you will be able to see the approximate delivery time for your order.

From 8 days till 60 days depending of your Mokko account you can choose between our production terms. You can choose the production period on the payment page according to your needs.

The delivery date of your order will be indicated during the purchase process, in the confirmation email of your order and will always be available in your client area.

The delivery time is determined by:
Receipt of payment + courtesy day + production time + shipping duration

1.- Receipt of payment: Normally it is done at the moment. If it is by transfer it may take between 1/3 days.
2.- Courtesy day: 24 hours. Time frame that we provide you in case you need to change your design or order details.
3.- Production time:  Approximate time in which we carry out your production depending on your selection or needs.
4.- Shipping duration: Depending on your area or country.

We produce mainly in blocks. This means that your order can be grouped with orders from other customers and if it fits and we can fit it with other orders with a shorter production time than yours we will do so.

You can order multiple production times on your dice. The estimated delivery date will be adapted to the production period with more days, regardless of whether your order has data, for example, with 10 days and 45 days of production.

If you want to avoid this, then you should place separate orders with all your dice with the same production time, for example one order with all your dice with 10 days of production and another order of all your dice with 45 days of production.

Don't worry because your order is being reviewed, we are preparing the files for the production process or is it in production queue.

Once this process is finished, it will go into production and you will have your dice ready within the production period you have selected in your order.

If you can't wait to have your dice by the production time you have selected you can change the production time to a faster one. This process will incur additional costs.

When our workshop is very bussy, some production deadline will not be available until the pending production orders are finished.

Normally you can select your production time between 10, 25, 30, 45 or 60 days.