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Orders. General inquiries.

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The delivery date of your order will be indicated during the purchase process on the Checkout page where you can select the production period you need. We will also notify you in your order confirmation email and it will always be available in your client area.

The delivery time is determined by:
Receipt of payment + courtesy day + production time + shipping duration

1.- Receipt of payment: Normally it is done at the moment. If it is by transfer it may take between 1/3 days.
2.- Courtesy day: 24 hours. Time frame that we provide you in case you need to change your design or order details.
3.- Production time: 10, 25, 30 or 45 days. Approximate time in which we carry out your production depending on your selection or needs.
4.- Shipping duration: Depending on your area or country.

You can download or print your invoice by accessing your account in the your orders

section >

Or directly in the order details once the status of your request is "Processed"

Click on the icon

We ask for your National ID number because is required by customs services.

Too, it is an essential requirement for billing.

You will be able to make changes to your order within the first 24 hours.

After this period of time, any change in your order may generate additional costs (+ 10%).

If your order is in production it will not be possible to make any changes.

Once you have placed an order it is not possible to add more dice to it. In this case, first of all, you should contact us through this link.

You must place a new order within 72 hours for shipping costs to be free. This way we can make a single shipment with all your orders and you will avoid costs.

The final production term of all orders will be adapted to the last order or the one that contains the production term with more days.

If you place another order before contacting us, shipping costs will be incurred.

You can advance the production deadlines once you have placed an order. You will only have to pay the proportional part that corresponds + 10% of expenses.

At this time it is not possible to place a single order with multiple shipping addresses.

In this case, you will need to place an order for each shipping address.

No. Your order must contain data with stock at the time of placing it.

Stock replacement dates are approximate and merely informative. In addition, the tones, effects and colors may vary without prior notice with respect to the model without stock shown on the web.

In this case, it is not possible to repeat the order or part of it. We also cannot provide the files used in the order.

You will need to contact the person in charge of the joint / group to provide you with the files. These files could be used in our customizer to place your dice order as you normally would.

All orders must be placed through our website using our proprietary Mokko Custom Builder® customizer.

It is the easiest, simplest and fastest.

You must have the design and individual file for each face you want to customize.

The ideal format that we recommend is PNG in RGB, with black color and transparent background. Our customizer also supports RGB JPG files.

They must have a maximum size of 2MB and a minimum of 24Kb and a maximum resolution of 1000x1000 pixels.

Remember that not all files are valid for engraving. They cannot be with very fine lines or very small texts. Engraving size is 10-11mm in total. The minimum thickness size will be about 0.5mm.

We recommend simple, clean icon designs with transparent backgrounds. We do not recommend photographs.

In this link you can see the instructions of our customizer.

This is happening because your account is temporarily restricted or permanently suspended due to the following:
1.- You have canceled an order.
2.- You have requested a refund or multiple refunds.
3.- You have created a dispute in PayPal.
4.- You have reversed the payment through the holder of the credit card and/or bank.

To recover the files used in any of your orders, you just have to go to the list of your orders signing in with your credentials.

Once there, enter the details of the order in which you need the files and look for the given model in the "Products" column.
(1) Click on +See more and all the sides of your dice will be displayed.
(2) Click on the link "abcd00000.png" and you will be able to download your original file.

If you want to see the final template of your design:
(3) Click on the die model or the "eye" icon directly.

Yes, of course. This service has a cost of 0.99 EUR per image of each dice.

Yes. You just have to go to your customer area and access the details of the order placed.

Once there, select the dice (01), enter the amount you need (02) and press the "Repeat Selected" button (03).

The dice will be automatically added to your shopping cart.