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Faq´s - Purchases and budgets

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Purchases and budgets. What you should know.

How many dice can you buy? Is there a minimum purchase? Samples, quantity discounts, special prices...

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Good question! There are several reasons, but first we want to assure you that registering your account does not imply subscription to any newsletter or distribution list. We do not carry out aggressive mailing or advertising campaigns and we will never call or bother you to sell you anything. We are a "Spam Free Web" store free of spam, we give you our word.

If you are a new customer:
We will create an account for you so you can easily place your order and track your orders.
If you have a discount code, we will check its validity before you make the payment so you don't get any surprises.

If you are already a customer:
Once you log in, you will be able to check your order history, track your new orders and download your invoices.

From 1 unit, you can cutomize all the dice you want. There is no minimum required, except in some offers and promotions.

The delivery date of your order will be indicated during the purchase process on the Checkout page where you can select the production period you need. We will also notify you in your order confirmation email and it will always be available in your client area.

The delivery time is determined by:
Receipt of payment + courtesy day + production time + shipping duration

1.- Receipt of payment: Normally it is done at the moment. If it is by transfer it may take between 1/3 days.
2.- Courtesy day: 24 hours. Time frame that we provide you in case you need to change your design or order details.
3.- Production time: 10, 25, 30 or 45 days. Approximate time in which we carry out your production depending on your selection or needs.
4.- Shipping duration: Depending on your area or country.

To select the quantity, you just have to change the units in the "Quantity selection" box. You can modify it by entering your amount or with the "up" and "down" arrow keys.

Yes, of course. You can add all the dice models you want to your purchase. It does not matter if they have the same or different design.

No. Your order must contain data with stock at the time of placing it.

Stock replacement dates are approximate and merely informative. In addition, the tones, effects and colors may vary without prior notice with respect to the model without stock shown on the web.

Once you have added dice to the shopping cart it will not be possible to change the quantity or design.

In this case you must remove these dice from the shopping basket and go through the purchase process again.

If you need a sample we give you the possibility to buy a unit with your design before placing your final order. We do not have a minimum required, except in some offers and promotions.

Yes. Our system automatically calculates your discount based on the number of dice you want to buy from the same lot.

The discount is not calculated based on the total number of dice in your order.

To get your best price, the quickest and easiest thing to do is to do it through our Quick budgets calculator. p>

You will also be able to see your price while designing your dice with our customizer. You just have to go to the page of the die model that you like the most, upload your JPG or PNG file on the face you want to customize, choose the color of the details from the color palette, select the quantity and production time.< /p>

Shipping costs depend on the number of dice you add to your purchase.

Yes. If you have a tournament or event, you are a store, club or association, you can have special discounts. You just have to prove it.

Mokko Join Club is an exclusive Mokko service designed for clubs, associations, crowdfunding campaigns, partners and events. Join those who save time and money by discovering and taking advantage of exclusive services, flexible solutions and products at competitive prices by filling out the following link.

Once you register, a colleague of ours will verify that all your details are correct and will validate your account.

To see your discounts, you just have to log in and they will be applied on the Shopping Cart and/or Checkout page.

The reason for this change is due to external circumstances that do not depend on and the general and material increase in spending levels due to the increase in inflation that affects costs in Spain and other countries.

However, we have increased the selection of available products and continue to strive to improve service for our customers.

For the joint ones we have to process and prepare many different logo/icon files normally.

We apply a fixed unit price regardless of the die model, color and designs. You will need to collect a minimum number of dice in total.

For this we need to know the approximate total number of dice, the number of participants and the estimated delivery time.

If you already have a Mokko Join Club account, all you have to do is log in and your discounts will be applied on the Shopping Cart and/or Checkout page.

Unfortunately we can not provide designs or files from other clients.

You must have the design and file of your order.

No, it's not a problem with the web or the stock.

The system will always displays the stock available at the time of your purchase. So if there is not enough quantity you need, you can only add the marked stock to your purchase.

Yes. You just have to go to the model and color of the dice you need, select the face or faces you want in white and in the options menu of the customizer press the delete option.

In order to guarantee the stock of our dice, you will have 24 hours to make the purchase with the dice that you have added to your shopping cart.

After this time your shopping cart will be emptied automatically.

Your shopping cart will be available 24 hours after you log out of your account. After this time your shopping cart will be emptied automatically.

We accept the following forms of payment:
· Credit / debit card
· PayPal
· Bank transfer

Due to security reasons operations can be blocked if they comply with certain actions:
- If the accumulated amount per IP in 24 hours exceeds €12,000, the payment will not be allowed.
- If the amount accumulated by card in 24 hours exceeds €12,000, the payment will not be allowed.
- If more than 3 operations are carried out per IP in 24h, that IP will be blocked for 24h.
- If more than 3 failed operations are performed every 30 minutes, that IP will be blocked for 30 min.
- If the issuing country of the card is different from the country where the payment is made, the operation will be blocked.
- If the country of the IP of the connection or the card does not belong to certain countries, the operation will be blocked.

In this case you must make the payment by PayPal.

If you have a Discount Code or Coupon, you can validate it on the Checkout page, in the "Discount Code" area.

Yes, of course. This service has a cost of 0.99 EUR per image of each dice.

Yes. You just have to go to your customer area and access the details of the order placed.

Once there, select the dice (01), enter the amount you need (02) and press the "Repeat Selected" button (03).

The dice will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

Not for us. You may need to pay some customs fee if your customs requires it.