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About Us

Who are we?

We are dice producers

We engraved and paint all our dice that you can buy here in our online store. Solid, marbled, translucent ... directly from our workshop to your home.

We are an online dice shop

But we don't want to be an online store anymore, we want to be yours, you're looking for quality, price and comfort. We emerged from that empty space between having to buy a lot and wait a long time. We want to buy few units and get them to us quickly, just like you.

We are perfectionists

Up to somewhat exaggerated limits almost. That is why we only like to sell dice of the highest quality. We understand that if you are here it is because you want exactly that, right?

And in short, we are people of the most normal

We just like our work a lot

We had a good time doing it and we love the idea that there are people throughout Spain and abroad who also enjoy our data and our way of working. If you are one of them, here is your site. And if not, give us an opportunity and you will see how we can make your day happy.