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High production of custom dice

Our experience marks the results. We have extensive knowledge of the sector as producers and importers.

Tell us about your project and we will find the best way to help you and you will have the peace of mind of working with a leading company.

A team at your complete disposal to answer any questions on the characteristics of the product to be developed: material, measurements, colors ...

Our dice are your dice

We offer a customized production service. Our ability allows to customize all the products that are part of our wide catalog, like producing from scratch any article.

Make the complex simple

By trusting us, a process is simplified that can be complex to approach for companies outside the sector or not accustomed to maintain business relationships with suppliers from other countries.


We adapt to your needs

There are many national and international companies that have trusted us for the development of custom productions. We adapt any model to the needs of our clients: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 ... customizing them with the corporate identity or the colors of the brand, adjusting to special needs

Customization and production

We have the necessary equipment to carry out all kinds of projects.


A wide knowledge of the sector allows us to understand and anticipate your needs.

Knowledge of suppliers

We select the suitable suppliers based on the type of articles or articles to be manufactured.

Negotiation capacity

As large importers we have the capacity to obtain more competitive prices and better delivery times.

Quality commitment

Through a double control of the articles made at origin and in our facilities before delivery to the customer.

From person to person

We believe in relationships that are based on professionalism and trust.


You are just five steps from the product you want

Our entire work process is standardized with the aim of simplifying it and always offering the best possible result. For this, five basic steps are established that lead us from the approach of the product to its delivery once it is made. In each of these steps our team works closely with the client to ensure that their expectations are met at all times.

1. Definition of the project

Advised by our production team, the characteristics and requirements that the article must meet are established, as well as a project schedule.

2. Technical sheet

Our team develops the article according to your needs, which after being approved is sent to production.

3. Pre-production sample

Receipt of a pre-production sample according to the indications and specifications of the approved technical sheet.

4. Production and reception

In this step, our team directly supervises the entire manufacturing process from the time the design is sent, to the reception of samples and final production.

5. Double quality control

The articles are subject to quality control both at origin and at the time of delivery. Guaranteeing a correct product finish.

Simple, fast and easy

That is all. In a few steps you will have your project finished.


Start your project


The technical file is the document that will help us move from the idea to the final article. Based on the information collected in it, our team, in addition to preparing a budget, will be able to advise you on possible improvements.